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Network Activities 


“Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through transformative governance practices and vertical collaboration at the national and sub-national levels”
APRIL 7-9, 2014
Incheon, Republic of Korea - Orakai Songdo Park Hotel

›› Click here for more information about the workshop and the materials

Annual Conferences

›› The first SDplanNet-Asia & Pacific Annual Conference was held between 16-18 September 2009 at the Conrad hotel Bangkok, Thailand. The conference focused on three main themes including:

Theme 1: Sustainability, Economic Stimulus, and Green Growth in Asia-Pacific;
Theme 2: Integration of Climate Change into National Planning of Countries in Asia-Pacific; and
Theme 3: Strategic Policy Assessment Tools in National Planning and Policymaking of Countries in Asia-Pacific
This first annual conference was a platform to exchange views and ideas among the network members and sustainable development practitioners in Asia-Pacific and similar networks in other regions. As a result, the network members were able to take stock of sound policy and planning recommendations on the conference thematic areas and consider implementation in their home countries.

    - Click here for the conference's agenda and outcomes. Presentations and VDO clips are available. Check them out!

›› The second SDplanNet-Asia & Pacific Annual Conference was held between 18-20 October 2010 at UNCC in Bangkok, Thailand.
The three-day conference vigorously exchanged various viewpoints, stimulated by presentations from distinguished speakers from 10 countries: Bhutan, Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Singapore, Thailand, and USA.

We owe a special thank to our sponsors: GIZ and IDRC, and co-organizers: UNEP, AIT/UNEP RRC.AP, UNESCAP, IISD, and IGES, whose generosity made the conference possible.

    - Click here for the conference's agenda and outcomes. Presentations and VDO clips are available. Check them out!

Internet-Based Learning Events

An internet-based learning event is held bi-monthly. All the network members across Asia-Pacific are invited to participate in this event which runs for approximately 1.30 hours. Under the focus on practical and innovative tools and approaches in planning for sustainable development, a theme of each event is selected depending on the interests of the majority of the members and topical issues. Without travelling, members can conveniently discuss and exchange their experience on a particular topic through an arranged network common platform which is simply accessed by telephone to handle the audio portion and a computer with internet connection to handle the visual portion.  

›› 3rd Learning Event- Sub-Regional Sustainable Development Strategies in Asia-Pacific (1 July 2009)
We successfully organized the 3rd internet-based learning event under the theme of “Sub‐Regional Sustainable Development Strategies (SSDS) in Asia‐Pacific”. We had distinguished speakers delivered SSDS in central and south Asia and greater Mekong sub-region. More detail about speakers and program can be viewed here. Presentations with audio recording are now available on our website here.

›› 2nd Learning Event – Network Launch (17 February 2009)
After half a year of establishing SDplanNet-Asia&Pacific, launch of the network was organized on 17 February 2009. On this special occasion, the network had the honor of inviting Prof. Cielito Habito and Mr. George C. Varughese to deliver keynote speeches on “Necessities of Planning for Sustainable Development in Asia-Pacific” and “Use of Approaches and Tools in Planning for Sustainable Development in Asia-Pacific” respectively. Also the network website, an important channel in connecting and communicating amongst the network members, was introduced to participants in this event. More

›› 1st Learning Event – Use of Multi-Stakeholder Councils in National Planning (2 December 2008)
The network hosted the first internet-based learning event on 2 December 2008. The event’s theme was on “Use of Muiti-Stakeholder Councils in National Planning. Three delegates from Asia-Pacific, who were invited to participate in the 2008 annual conference of European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils held in Bordeaux, France during 9-10 October 2008, shared their perspectives based on their personal experience at national, sub-regional and regional levels with comparison to current practices in Europe. More

Other Activities

›› Participation in 2008 Annual Conference of European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils in Bordeaux, France (9-10 October 2008)
The network was invited to participate in the annual conference during 9-10 October 2008. A special session - Governance for Sustainable Development in Asia & the Pacific and Europe – was arranged to allow sharing experience on sustainable strategies and councils between the two regions. Apart from the special session, invited delegates from the network had an opportunity to attend other sessions including the sessions on recent advice and activities of selected EEAC members and the main conference. All presentations in each session and the 2008 statement paper are available on the EEAC website ( A short summary of the presentations and discussions in the three sessions open for non-EEAC members was prepared for rapid perusal ( Click here. )